Monday, 4 March 2013


Wookiee, a tall, hairy humanoid species in the Star Wars fictional universe.
Wookey, a village and civil parish 2 miles from Wells in Somerset, England.
Wookey Hole, a village close to Wells in Somerset, England.
Wookey Hole Caves, a show cave and tourist attraction in the village of Wookey Hole.
Wookey Station, a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest between Wells and Wookey Hole in Somerset, England.
Wookie, a term for snipers in the video game Battlefield: Bad Company 2, so named because of the resemblance between the game's camouflage suit and the Star Wars species.
Wookie, an abbreviated name for the South Korean pop star, Ryeowook.
Wookie, a UK garage musician.
Wiki-Wiki-Wookie, a term coined by John Green of the vlogbrothers on what to call wiki pages.

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