Friday, 10 October 2014

Lame Celebrity Sightings

I saw my slightest most loved Australian Idol ever today! No, not Kate "Have You Called Jenny Yet?" Deraugo, yet Damien Leith. He is the most puzzling of all Australian Idol victors, as I would see it. I thought Jess Mauboy ought to have won that year, however I never truly kicked up much of a stink about it on the grounds that I missed the last because of schoolies. That was fun, particularly the time one of my companions turned around his auto into a wall, got out, reviewed the harm, and afterward headed out. He was calm, as you may have guessed.

Anyway definitely. Damien Leith was strolling around in these tight dark jeans and this faltering o shirt that I think I may have seen at Myer or Roger David or some place. I didn't get a nearby up perspective of his teeth to perceive how fake his new set of chompers look, darn.

Hm, my star sightings constantly have a tendency to be a bit weak. I saw the Veronicas a short time back, likewise by chance (ie. I wasn't at a show or anything, that wouldn't number, and as though I'd be seen dead at a Veronica's show. Thirteen year old emos the extent that the eye can see, likely) and I was attempting to evaluate which one was Lisa so I could pay her out for dating an enormous Christian virgin softcock like Dean Geyer. What's the purpose of having a hot beau on the off chance that he's excessively stifled unadulterated to need to fitting your vadge?