Thursday, 17 April 2008

B-b-b-Barack-a makes me b-b-bounce!

Even though I kind of lean toward Hillary for this year's (mega-exhausting, but also mega-exhilarating) presidential campaign, I've noticed that the media is counter-intuitively biased totally against Barack Obama. I think generally that he's a good candidate, yet for whatever reason he seems to cop so much more than Clinton or McCain. And what he does cop is infinitely more rubbishy and stupid than what the others have had to deal with. Here's my take on some of the total non-issues that have annoyingly cropped up over the duration of the campaign thus far:

NON ISSUE: Barack Obama states the total obvious about America's redneck population. "They cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." This is controversial... why? And it makes him an elitist... WHY? American rednecks, get over yourself. Ooh, what's that? You've got guns, and can shoot me? Real mature, Bradley.

And 'elitist' is so not a bad thing to be. I'm an elitist, and proud.

NON ISSUE: Barack Obama attends a church where the reverend says something retarded occasionally. Uh, does it perhaps register in the tiny minds of people who actually give a shit about this stuff that maybe his church-going is more about the sense of community and solidarity with the people in the pews, not necessarily the person at the altar? This is a good example of the media (curse that Jew-controlled, fag-loving liberal media!) applying one standard to one candidate, and another standard to pretty much everyone else. People like Pat Robertson, who John McCain once described as an agent of intolerance, say retarded shit ALL THE TIME, and yet presidential candidates lap up his endorsement (and that of the other countless religious tools in the US), and nobody gives a shit. Why is this any different? Shut up, American media.

And the dumbest one of all....


Not even worth the bother. See above.

(PS -- wow, I'm becoming quite the topical blogger! Next week on BMW: Jacob bitches about the US sub-prime mortgage crisis.)


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